Monday, February 9, 2009

Short Update

Hi fellow PH'rs,

I know I've been slackadaisical (don't spell check that :-) since the holidays and I don't really have a good excuse.  I've kinda felt like that ornamental piece sitting in your den.  What's it for? I don't know.  What's it do? Nothing much.  Why'd you buy it?  Because I likey the knick-knacks.  Well you get the idea; I'm just here.  February looks to be an interesting month.  I have an echo on Wednesday and a 6MW the following week.  Nothing has changed functionally but I gather that the King's looking for some reason to get me on the inhaler.  I know that is cake compared to what most of you are going through but it's an extra co-pay for me & does require a tad more maintenance.  His intentions are good; he wants to get me a bit more functional.  Like TW & his remodulin, I fought it off last time.  I'm not goin to lose any sleep on it this time though.  What will be will be.  
I need to get my butt in chat to give the newbies the same support I got when I met you guys...but I'll probably just turn it into a jokefest.  I can't seem to take things so seriously.  It's like there is a smile in everything I see; life is funny, people are funny.  If it doesn't make you cry then it should make you laugh kinda attitude.  Life can also be suffering and once you realize that then you understand that all the worrying is well...funny.  A movie quote I just love from The 13th Warrior: " Fear profits a man nothing".  And so it is with me.  I used to be the worry-type; everything had to be perfect.  If it wasn't, then there was another cup of stress to go with my morning yogurt.'s more like a cup of oh that's nice, followed by comical sarcasm.  
It's tax time.  That's going to be loads of fun.  Sick pay, SSD benefits, work disability, stimulus check, 401K, do I file jointly as per norm or figure out if we can save by me filing separately. Fun...lots of it.  
Family is doing well.  Oreo is as spoiled as ever.  Gail is doing well; she has a decent set of kids this year (teacher).  I wish I could do more around the house to help her out.  I kind of feel like Fred Sanford while Lamont does all the work.
So of all the foods to get a recall: peanut butter?  Are you serious?  That's a staple in my diet.  No one ever had an urge for a banana and jelly sandwich.  
I've been reading some really good books, going through the stack I got for Christmas.  I like to write but I love to read.  
Weird event: Last three times I've been to the pharmacist, three different people greeted me by name.  I must really be a regular.  That's nice (see above).
Well, I've checked my calendar today and I've got some sleep and slack to get done.  You guys take care.  You can always reach me at if you ever feel the need to fratenize.  Give me a day or three to get back to you; I'm a very busy man.

Thanks for reading & I hope you all are feeling great :-)