Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

I've been feeling better than average of late and I'm afraid to change any routines so that I don't jinx my luck.  Maybe it's the fact that Gail hasn't had to be at work and I get an extra portion of TLC (not to mention one extra cooked meal per day - ha).  I've been trapped inside on cold days as my neighbor heats his house with wood.  So whenever I step out, I get an immediate breath of wood smoke (ironically I used to love that smell).  I don't fault the circumstance; it is what it is.  It does make trips in the truck that much more enjoyable as I can get away, letting the air flow through my hair as I stick my head outside the window while driving down the road (OK not really but that's what Oreo does).  Life's small pleasures...gotta love 'em.
I got a couple of neat presents for Christmas that help me monitor my stats.  The first is a heart rate wrist monitor.  It has a couple of really cool features one of which is downloading the saved information to the computer.  I also got an oximeter.  Measurements so far have been:
Sat: BP: 119/77 O2: 97
Sun: BP: 103/65 O2: 93
Mon: BP: 123/72 O2: 95
Tue: BP: 106/61 O2: 94
I've been taking the measurements after I get up in the morning just after taking my meds and before breakfast (or lunch depending on the time of day :-).  I'm know that you get different readings at different times of day, at different levels of activity and so forth.  I plan to look for trends more than focus on any single reading.  I also plan on taking the two items to my next doctor's visit to see how accurate they really are.  Worse case scenario is that it's fun to keep track of this stuff.
I was in a true state of depression the day that Dallas got trounced by the Eagles.  A couple of other issues had me feelin' down.  Isn't it funny how we can tie our emotions to the success or failure of a sports team that we are no part of?  As with most things though, I awoke to a new day with a new smile.  It wasn't a total loss after all; I had won my fantasy football season championship and $100 prize to go with it.  Woot.
Judging from the blogs I've read it seems everyone had a nice Christmas.  I hope that continues through the new year as well.  This is one of my favorite times of year.  I love watching other people put aside their differences and sharing an all around feel-good moment.  If only we could be that way year-round.  
I don't think I truly have any New Year's resolutions this year.  Maybe that's a final sign of my acceptance as to what this is or maybe it's a sign of contentment.  I don't know.  Either way I don't see any major lifestyle changes unless my health takes a turn for the worse.  Perhaps I could clean the house more often...lol.
Well, I'm gonna head out.  Take care all and have a great week!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pack Leader Names Important Cabinet Post

Dad-daddie was too tired to write this week, so he asked me to take over for him.  We had a large amount of invasions this week so I was named official Secreterrier of De Fence.  Mom-mommie didn't have to go to works so I had dubble guard dog duties.  The mailmens were outta hand this week as they consistently attack the house with packages.  I wo-man my perch in the picture window so I can see them coming a mile away.  They won't sneak past me!  After I wake up Dad-daddie with a resounding RAWR, I sniffle the packages to make sure no goodies sneak by me.  Then I shake my tail-feather at the mailmens to let them know they are free to go.  Apparently this is that time of year when Dad-daddie and Mom-mommie need me to shred all the wrappin papers that hide my toys.  It's a good thing because my toy bin was gettin empty.  Mom-mommie can almost step over it now.  Sometimes I have so much fun, I can't tell the paper from the toy.  When I rip off the paper and toss it into the air, they call it makin snow.  I make good snow!  It sounds like I got the raw end of the bone but I'm coming out ahead with the xtra duties.  I get xtra rib bones to gobble.  If only I could get Dad-daddie to  share his negg-nogg.  
Well,  Mom-mommie looks like she may be layin down to watch televisions so I gotta go crawl under the covers and get some sleepytime.  You never know when the next attack may come and I have to be well-rested.
Merry Christmases to all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the city,
The shopping deadline was near and I was not done; what a pity.
My cannula was hung on my ears with care,
In hopes that O2 goodness soon would be there.
The traffic was daunting and the singers were harking,
I laughed at the madness and pulled into my favorite handicap parking.
The store was lit like the sun in the sky,
Of course I had the medical side effect: spots in my eyes.
The shoppers were scurrying, this way and that.
But they made way for me as I wore my SOB hat.
I had just begun shopping when I heard such a clatter,
I peaked into an aisle to see what was the matter.
Away down the isle I flew like a turtle,
A stack of unshelved products in the way, just a hurdle.
I landed without grace, dignity, or honor,
You see I face planted into the butt of a reindeer called Donner.
Off Dasher, off Dancer, off Prancer, off Vixen,
The holiday decoration sure needed fixin.
I came to my senses, my cannula askew,
How to save face? What to do?
I needn't have worried, my honor intact,
I looked down the isle; the situation was jacked.
Two couples were arguing over the last toy on a shelf,
Their kids were dressed up as an angel and elf.
The boy with long ears, the girl with her wings,
They smiled at each other as their parents argued over things.
The adults had faces full of anger and stress,
Who better than I to help them out of this mess?
So I headed their way with a smile full of charm,
I would do a good deed; what's the harm?
I forgot to mention that I'd dressed up as well,
My costume was laden with holly and bells.
I interrupted the couple, their behavior outrageous, 
I gave them a smile I hoped would be contagious.
I commented on why I loved Christmas, all remembrance and giving.
How much I loved Christmas when my parents were living.
I looked at the children, quite content in their glee.
Then back at the parents with a nod and a plea.
The parents made up, their tiff didn't last.
Saved by the ghost of my Christmas past.
They replaced the last toy and looked for another,
Something else that would satisfy sister and brother.
I felt quite happy and proud of myself,
Knowing that Oreo would enjoy...the last toy on the shelf.

Monday, December 8, 2008

If I Had to Teach the Alphabet

I was laying in bed night before last wondering what I'd write about this week.  Unlike some, I allow my mind to wander to strange places.  I just make sure I give it a slice of bread so it can make a bread crumb trail to find it's way back.  Like a lost dog, it always seems to know the way home.  Here's what it found this week:

A - A is not for apple; you'll probably end up choosing the Doritos anyway.  A is for attitude.  Bad things happen in this life; in many ways it is not fair.  How you let it affect you is up to you.  If you have the right attitude, then things will always fall into the proper perspective.  If you have a bad attitude, then life's burdens will magnify exponentially.  Pass the apples please.
B - B is for book.  Put down the remote or Playstation long enough to open one.  I taught myself how to change the carburetor on my first car by reading one.  I learned how to build computers by reading one.  I caught clues to life mysteries by reading several. I finally learned how to control stress by reading one.  I escape into the mind of the author when I read one.  You'd be surprised at how fulfilling that can be.
C - C is for consequence.  Life is a sum of decisions that you make.  Take the time to think things through before you make them.  The world is full of "if I'd only known then what I know now" cliches.  
D - D is for diversity.  There is no one way things are supposed to be.  People are created differently; respect them for it and lose the "if it's not like me.." biases.  
D - OK, we have a tie here.  D is also for desire.  When we have feelings of regret and stress, it is because we desired something we didn't get.  If you let this grow too much, you will end up in a cyclical pattern of disappointment.  As Sheryl Crow sings: "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got".
E - E is for education.  Education is the single greatest tool to protecting yourself against life's hardships.  Whether it's learning to cultivate your mind, body, or soul; education will allow you to make informed decisions, many of which could permanently change your life.
F - F is for friendship.  Friendship is a lot like marriage in that it's a two-way street.  If you stop maintaining your side, then potholes will eventually make passage impossible.  
G - G is for good.  When in doubt, do the thing that makes your conscience feel good.  Even if it goes against the flow, you'll be able to live with yourself later.
H - H is for happiness.  I can find no other single word that would describe my goal in life.  Do what makes you smile.  Just make sure it's legal.
I - I is not for igloo.  Why teach someone a word they'll use maybe 5 times the rest of their life.  I is for ignorance.  Ignorance is one of the top maladies of our lifetime.  If you don't know enough about something then see "E" above.  
J - J is for judgement.  Use good judgment when making decisions, and don't judge others based on your biases.
K - K is for kindness.  A little goes a long way.  If you're kind to people you build friendship capital.  You may receive kindness in return; you may not.  But odds are you won't receive a slap in the face either.
L - L is for listen.  This means you take the time to actually ingest what people are saying.  If you're formulating your response before they finish (or rudely talking over them) then you're not listening, in which case it's a one-way conversation.
M - M is for manners.  Using manners is a lost art.  Say please, thank you and you're welcome.  Say yes mame and no sir.  
N - N is for nurture.  Bring something to life, and then help it grow.
O - O is for observe.  Watching how things and people live and interact can be a very pleasant activity.  You may even learn a thing or two.
P - P is for pulmonary hypertension.  We have to get the word out someway don't we?
Q - Q is for quiet.  Step out into the forest or on a riverbank and quiet your mind of all of civilization's noises.  It's true therapy.  
R - R is for responsibility.  A powerful word, responsibility is a noun you want associated with your name.  Responsible people get rewarded, become role models, and are respected for their trustworthiness.
S - S is for sex.  You'll probably end up having it at some point in your life.  Have it responsibly and with someone you spend quality time with.
T - T is for teach.  Want to rid the word of ignorance? Take the time to explain something to someone who could benefit from it.  Making people around you smarter will only improve your life.  (I'll go first, T is for two is for too is for to.  Learn the difference).
U - U is not for um.  If you don't know what you're saying, then pause long enough to think it over.  Don't worry, we'll wait.  U is for useful, as in make yourself useful.  You don't have to wait to be asked to do something beneficial for another.
V - V is for vision.  Learn to see things as they could be, and then make it so.
W - W is for wisdom.  One of my favorite words, wisdom is the sum of intelligence and experience.  It could also be described as the sum of knowledge and common sense.  Strive to be wise, not a wise-ass.
X - X is for xenial.  Also know as being hospitable.  Scroll up to see friendship capital.
Y - Y is for youth.  You only get one.  Make sure you enjoy it.  If you're in an abusive situation, seek help.
Z - Z is for z's, as in time to get some.  Everyone take care.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sleep the best medicine?

OK, I know I missed yesterday.  But I have a good excuse.  You see, I was asleep.  Not just at night, not just in the morning, not just in the afternoon, but all day.  It happens rarely but when it does, I feel like a new person the next day.  Weird thing was, I slept most of the day Monday too.  I feel like a million bucks!  I wish I could bottle this & break it out when the going gets rough.  I felt pretty lousy all weekend so I guess I was due you could say.  Anyway, that's what happened. :-)
Thanksgiving came & went; Dallas won, no food comas, plenty of goodies all the way around topped off with a swig from the eggnog carton.  Wife doesn't drink it so I can drink from the carton (a man's innate desire by the way).  I had a good time reading all the blogs & what everyone was thankful for.  In a weird kind of way, I'm thankful for having PH.  It's helped to slow me down so I could enjoy the pleasures of my life and virtually eliminate stress.  It's helped me understand what's really important in life (I sorta knew all along but was too busy to notice/appreciate it).  It's helped me to pay more attention to my body and mind.  It's helped me to spend more time with my family and my dog.  It's helped me to be able to sleep anytime I want to (oh yea, we covered that already, lol).  It's helped me to meet new people in a virtual world that have a lot of class and character.  It's helped me to appreciate what I have rather than worry about what I don't.  It's helped me to catch up on my reading.  It's helped me to get better parking spots at the store.  It's helped me retire my huge set of neckties that choked me everyday.  It's helped me appreciate the days I feel well.  It's helped me appreciate the job that our healthcare workers are doing.  It's helped me learn how to make spicy chili...it was a PH chat thing.  It's helped me to better understand how my mother, father, stepmother, and grandfathers felt when they didn't look well.  It's helped me and I am thankful.
Now that doesn't mean I'm glad I have PH.  But someday when the cure comes along (hopefully in our lifetime), I will have a better understanding of what really matters in life & won't let corporate pressures stress me out.  I would get a job either writing or teaching, or something PC related (other than working accounts, claims, and files).  Wonder if I could make a living playing Scrabble, lol.  
Well anyway, that's my offering for today.  I know it's a weak effort but I have an appointment with the CPAP this afternoon.  It's a medication after all.  Three doses a day at three or more hours per dose.  Does a body good.