Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Short Update

Time to catch you guys up.

Life in these parts has been a real ho-hum time.  A lot of nothing going on.  Had my echo - no change.  Took my dose of 6MW - scored a 474!  The doc was pretty happy to see that, so happy in fact he doubled my Revatio...huh?  Seems he wants to see just how much better he can get me, kinda like he's building the Six Million Dollar Man (in pharmacy costs - chuckle).  The additional Revatio has me feeling pretty good but I'm gettin a stuffy nose again.  Hopefully that will pass as my body adapts to the new dose.  I know, as side effects go I have it made compared to most others. 
 You know a part of this whole gig that I underestimated was depression.  It's not like I lay in bed crying or anything (like I used to) but the extreme loneliness of being home by myself all day while Gail is workin is pretty craptastic to say the least.  Sometimes I can fool it by reading a book or watching a movie but that's no substitute from the social time I used to get from co-workers, golf buddies, and guys night out.  The thing is, going out takes so much effort that I'm exhausted by the time I get anywhere.  Some days I envision cleaning a room and actually get as far as the first item - ha.  Well at least I have Oreo to keep me company.
Well that's it for me.  Same ole, same ole.  I hope you guys are doing well.  As for me, I need to buckle down & start taxes...yippee!

Take care,